Tesla Car Rental with NewWay

Your Perfect Car For A Greener Trip.

Electric Car Hire from NewWay is the perfect choice for environmentally conscience travelers looking to discover Ireland in style. Discover all the Emerald Isle has to offer with your family or friends in a Tesla Model 3. With 5 seats and plenty of boot space, it really will make for a comfortable trip exploring Dublin and further afield while keeping your carbon footprint low. 

The Ideal Sized Rental Car

Picking the right rental car can be a challenge. Searching with balance of internal comfort and practical trunk space for your luggage in mind while maintaining cost effective running costs can be a lot to ask but the Tesla Model 3 has mastered this balance perfectly. As a bonus the Tesla Model is is also automatic rental car, making the change to driving on the left side of the road a breeze. 

Enjoy a Tesla Model 3 Rental with NewWay

NewWay offer all-inclusive Tesla car hire at Dublin Airport.. Within minutes of touching down in Ireland, you will be leaving the Dublin Airport multi-story car park in a Tesla Model 3 rental car with no hassle, no fuss and no worries.  

Charging Your Tesla Rental Car

Don't worry about fuel costs by renting the Tesla Model 3 from NewWay. EV's can be charged overnight at home or at your hotel providing you with a full battery for your next days driving. If you need to re-charge on the go Tesla Superchargers are exclusive charging stations only available to Tesla drivers, where you can charge to full in less than an hour. Supercharging is simple and convenient—just plug in and charge up. You will find a list of Supercharger locations on the maps screen in your rental car. 

The ESB public charging network for electric cars in Ireland is vast and has a range of charge options available depending on your charging needs, from quick top-ups while shopping to high power chargers on motor way routes. Simply download the ESB e-cars app for charge point details and Pay As You Go charge payments.