Car Rental FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you a Broker?

No, we are a local car rental operator with our own fleet of cars and our own desks in Dublin Airport.


Are you actually in the Airport or just 'close to the airport'?

We have rental desks in both terminals at Dublin Airport. We are also located in the terminal buildings in Cork and Shannon Airports.


I am really confused by insurance terms I see on other car hire websites?

You have probably seen terms like CDI, TP, SUPER CDW, Excess Reduction, Collision Damage Waiver, Third Party Cover, etc. It's not surprising you are confused. At NewWay we have simplified car hire by including all the insurance in the price. 


So I don't need to purchase a car hire excess policy?

No, all insurance is included, providing you full peace of mind and saving you hassle. We are the only car hire company in Dublin Airport that includes all insurance in the price on every rate for every rental.


Many car hire companies require a €1,500+ deposit?

These deposits are usually to cover the cost of potential damage. At NewWay all insurance is included so no deposit is required.


Do I have to pay if the car gets scratched, dented or damaged while on rent?

No, once you were not negligent (for example, parking the car on a beach with the tide about to come in) you are fully insured for damage caused to the car.


Do I have to pay if the car is stolen?

No, once you were not negligent (for example, leaving the keys in the ignition) you are fully insured if the car gets stolen.


Is there a charge for milegage?

Mileage charges are included.


What happens in the event of a breakdown?

We include 24 hour breakdown cover in the price. Call the number on your rental contract and we will send out a team to assist you.


What about refueling the car?

At pick-up we will pre-authorise the cost of a full tank of fuel on your credit card. The most economical option for you is to bring the car back full and we will not charge you - we just need to see a receipt of the fuel purchase. If you would prefer us to refuel the car, we can offer this service at a cost of EUR €30.00 plus the fuel cost.


What about paying tolls?

There is a barrier free tolling system in operation close to Dublin Airport on the M50 motorway. Drivers of all vehicles using the section of the M50 motorway between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan) are liable to pay a toll. For full information on paying the m50 toll click here. All other tolls accross the motorway network can be paid using cash or card at the toll plazas. 


Is VAT (Sales Tax) included?

Yes, it's included in our fully transparent price.


Is there a charge for driving into Northern Ireland?

No - NewWay include the cross border insurance coverage in our price.