Book Volkswagen Golf (or similar) with NewWay

Perfect Match of Style and Economics

Looks matter and that's what makes the Volkswagon Golf the perfect rental car - sleek and stylish while being ever so practical. Like the Ford Focus and other models in the intermediate rental car catagory, the Volkswagen Golf is perfect for city driving but you really get your value when you hit the open road. Its economical fuel consumption makes this car a firm favourite with our customers. 

Don't Compromise on Space

With plenty of room in the back (so no complaints from your passangers!) and enough boot space for four pieces of luggage, the Volkswagon Golf makes an ideal rental car for groups of friends or a young family. 

Enjoy a Volkswagen Golf with NewWay

NewWay offer all-inclusive car hire at Dublin Airport, Ireland. Within minutes of touching down at Dublin Airport, you will be leaving the multi-story car park in a latest model car with no hassle, no fuss and no worries.  

Please note NewWay cannot guarantee your reservation for a Volkswagen Golf however, we can guarantee your booking for an equivalent rental car in the same intermediate rental car category.

Volkswagen Golf Car Rental Dublin Airport