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Visiting Dublin? Here's What to See, Do, Eat and Drink

Lisa Ryan
Dublin things to do

Ah, Dublin. The capital city of Ireland and home to some of the country’s most famous sights, landmarks and people. It may be hard to believe given the small size of Ireland, but every city has its own form of subculture where you’ll find different types of characters, slang, food, drink and general way of life. Dublin is no different and acts as a bit of a cultural melting pot due to large multinationals setting up their EU headquarters here.  

The Best Time to Visit Ireland

Lisa Ryan
when is the best time to visit ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland? Ireland has many treasures crammed into one relatively small country – rugged landscapes, ancient historical sites, varied wildlife, hearty food and drink and hospitable people. There’s just one question that crops up time and again, and that’s: “When is the best time to visit Ireland?” 

The Best Ways To Travel Around Ireland

Lisa Ryan
Dirt road Connemara Loop Co Galway

Ireland is so famous for its charming small towns and natural beauty spots, it makes it difficult to argue against travelling around this country by car. 

Of course, you’ll have little problem travelling between Ireland’s main cities using public transport. Major hubs such as Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and Kerry are all well connected through Ireland’s national rail and bus services. 

However, to truly experience everything that makes Ireland unique, the hidden gems and friendly characters, a car is an essential. 

Where to Stay? Your Accommodation Options in Ireland

Lisa Ryan

A holiday in Ireland is bound to be packed with curious exploring, breath-taking views and plenty of ‘craic’. Come the end of the day (or the early hours of the next!), you’ll want somewhere comfortable to lay your head. Whatever your preferred accommodation style, or if you want to try something new, be it high-end hotels, charming B&Bs, wild camping, or anything in between, Ireland has what you (and your budget) require. Read on for a little inspiration on where to stay in Ireland. 

Ireland Travel Tips: What to Know Before You Go

Lisa Ryan
ireland travel tips

Although we’re a tiny nation, Ireland has had an enormous cultural impact on the world. It’s also on most people’s travel bucket list for good reason – the wild, emerald green landscape leaves many travellers longing to jump on the next flight to explore Ireland. 

However, planning a trip here takes a little more prepwork than simply booking a flight and packing a bag. While Ireland as a whole is incredibly tourist-friendly, there are a number of things you need to be aware of when visiting for the first time.